Career Planning

Don't know what career to choose? There are numerous websites available that allow anyone to explore their strengths that could identify possible career paths. Many of these sites are free and offer a more scientific way in assisting research on career fields and possibilities.

Careers and Career Assessment Links

Prosperity, Wealth, and Skills

In down economies, there are employers that are looking to fill key positions involving particular skills needed. Do a Google Search for the phrase "Skilled Trades Worker Shortage. The resulting Google page features how many individual documents are found referencing the number of such documents - look for this at the top left of the page. I've performed these searches in the past and have seen as much as 4.7 Million documents on the World Wide Web that speak to this critical needs issue. For those of us wanting new careers or trying to consider career options, a skills-based education may be right for you.

I've archived some Internet links that may be of interest to people who are interested in career planning. Below is a free document to download and investigate concerning a diverse area of employment issues. Those not committed to a career can find a link to a Free career assessment. Other links can offer seekers information on job trends and employer job boards.

Going to college in preparation for a career takes a lot of money which may be covered by personal wealth or by taking out student loans. There are alternatives to careers that do not involve college degrees. Have a look at the Alternative Choices to a College Education slide show.

Finally, a blogger that I follow (Charles Hugh Smith), has written many essays regarding today's economy and what it takes to not only survive but thrive. His advise to anyone is to find ways to build value using whatever skills one has or can develop. Two components needed to build anything of value are capital (or Resources) and effort. Ethan Roland points to 8 Forms of Capital. As I understand it, the necessary forms of capital needed today may include:

  • Knowledge - Basic Literacy

  • Skills - Used in vocation, profession, and the arts

  • Health - Physical well-being

  • Health - Emotional well-being

  • Health - Spiritual well-being

  • Mobility - Ability to move around

  • Nutrition - Adds to physical health

  • Energy - Physical & environmental

  • Water - We all need to use this to exist

  • Residential Environment - Where we live & related infrastructure

  • Community Environment - Where we interact outside our residential environment

  • Family

  • Social

  • Community

  • Money...which in a final analysis is really "tokenized" energy.